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Caps And Hats Fabric Material
Caps And Hats Fabric Material
We purchase the ecological and good quality fabric only from the manufacture and suppliers who comply with strict testing and inspection. So our fabric has the feature of soft & comfortable feeling, warm, good flexibility, antibacterial and has the ability of moisture absorption. It is comfortable to wear and delights your eyes.

Fabric Material: cotton twill, pigment dyed cotton twill, dobbie cotton, jacquard, T/C, canvas, jean, denim, camo, micro fibre, polyester, nylon, acrylic, mesh, suede, wool, fur, hemp, leather, corduroy, silk, satin, PU, PVC, felt, foam, lycra/spandex, straw, jersey etc.

Show general superior quality cotton twill fabric with different color below.
108 X 58 All cotton twill    
108 X 58 Brushed cotton twill    
16 X 12 All cotton twill    
16 X 12 Brushed cotton twill    
10 X 10 All cotton twill    
10 X 10 Brushed cotton twill    
7 X 7 All cotton twill    
7 X 7 Brushed cotton twill