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Our Company Introduction
Shanghai Goodhatter Garment Co., Limited - established in Shanghai City, China, a professional manufacturer, supplier, exporter, wholesaler, specializes in caps, hats, t-shirts field. Significantly, we have our own factory locating in Shanghai city which is the largest city and the most important economic center of China and has very convenient port and transportation facilities in Asia.
As a focused manufacturer, we are trying our best to provide high quality products, competitive price and international service to all our customers.
What we do
We can offer a wide range of premium quality headwear and clothing products.
Headwear Products:
Sports caps, baseball caps, golf caps, washing caps, mesh caps, sun visor, flat caps, military caps, bucket hats, top hats, cowboy hats, knitted hats, winter caps, christmas hats, fashion hats etc.
Clothing Products:
Polo shirts,short-sleeved t-shirts,long-sleeved t-shirts,lady t-shirts,women's shirts,men's shirts etc.
We sincerely welcome customer's own designs or they can select and modify our wide assortment of styles and fabrics. We appreciate that our customers have specific needs and we will provide the assistance to insure that the final product that we manufacture, will be the one you requested.
Who we are
Since being established just seven years ago, We have enjoyed consistent double digit annual growth and the annual production capacity to reach 120,000 dozens.
Achieving so great improvements lies on concurrent team;
1. Insightful leadership
Our broad director and other chief executive officers with them more than 5-30 years of leadership experience in the correlative industries to make our factory more manageable and predictable business process.
Managers, workers, chiefs – all of them make your cooperation with us the most effective and profitable for you.
2. Well-trained staffs
Up to now, we have employed more than 100 well-trained skilled workers that experienced, professional and responsible. They always do their best to offer the high quality products and friendly services, and willing to share their valuable experience and advice with you, the customer. All of them is a guarantee of high-quality meeting of all our engagements.
So they have made great achievements and contributions to factory development.
3. Advanced technology, profuse experience
We pay much attention to technological innovations to meet our customers’demand as soon as our factory is established.
After nearly seven years development, we accumulate profuse technique and implement strict management and quality control during the whole process, our factory has become an outstanding star of the headwear and clothing field in Shanghai.
By introducing advanced technology, crafts and production lines, we try our best to improve the quality and to reduce the cost so that we can provide more profits for our clients.
4. Strong export markets
More than 60% of our products is exported to all over the world every year.
The great international marketing is America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Germany, Spain, Russia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Kuwait, South Africa and Ghana ...
Our mission
Compared with international top corporation, although we are not the biggest, but the best manufacturer, supplier, exporter, wholesaler of the headwear and clothing field and we try our best to satisfy the various needs of the market for worldwide orders.
Our mission: is to make our customers life better through our higher quality, more competitive price, more sincerer service
Our goal: is to be top international corporation in the headwear and clothing manufacturing at the markets of North America, Europe, Australia and the whole world.
We aim to: To gain confidence and favour of customers using our products, experience, skills, service to sell high-quality goods which are prefered by consumers.
To make honesty and respect be the basis of our relationships inside and outside our company.
To encourage individual initiative, spirit of business and courage in work.
To do everything for our employees to be satisfied with their work and be proud of the fact that they work for our factory.
Our values
Realization of creative talents in group.
High level of professionalism and effectiveness of every teem member
Personal responsibility of every teem member
We are sure that development of corporate culture, satisfying of consumer goods and aspiration to be the part of society and world will help us to gain success.
Managers, workers, chiefs – all of them make your cooperation with us the most effective and profitable for you.
Finally, we sincerely welcome all the clients around the world to visit our factory and to build up a long and profitable business relationship.