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Our Company Organization
Well-organized and equipped logically as soon as established, so our enterprise becomes more manageable and enterprise.
And according to the correlative department and team, Managers, workers, chiefs ... all of them pay much attention to your idea,demand,advice during and after the products process so that you get high quality products before they are loaded to the container.It make your cooperation with us the most effective, satisfying and profitable.
General Manager

Take full charge of the overall operations and day-to-day management of the enterprise and to organise the implementation of all resolutions of the board including production, quality, logistic, purchasing, products research, development , decision-making and etc.

Sales & Marketing

Consisted of external and internal sales department.
Take full charge of all products sales & marketing activities and make sure the realization of sales target in the area.
Ensure skillful in handling customer service and quality always in stable high level.

Manufacture Dept.

Consisted of samping, purchasing, production(embroidery, printing, washing), quality control, packing department.
Make sure all our customers get the high quality products, shorter delivery time and sincere service.

Human Resources

Responsible for all human resources operation including srecruitment, training,development, remuneration and benefit, performance management.
To create a good working environment to encourage all the employees to reach their best performances.

Finance Accountant

Responsible for month and year end closing of accounts as well as timely and properly.
Establish, maintaining the treasury, accounting, accounts payable for inter-company and local vendors, banking, purchasing, sales order processing for efficient operations.

Service & Support

Assist in investigation and resolving all kinds of problems.
Interface with sales&marketing, distributors and end users to understand products quality requirements. handle customer complaints and returns timely and effectively to improve customer satisfaction.